We all fear stroke. You can fight it!

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Learn how to boost your defenses against a “brain attack!”
We all fear stroke. You can fight it!
Discover how you can reduce your stroke risk...assure the most effective care...and accelerate a fuller recovery with greater speed and success.

Must-know topics include:
✓ What is a stroke?
✓ How strokes affect the brain
✓ Medical problems that raise stroke risk
✓ SPECIAL SECTION: Lifestyle changes to help prevent strokes
✓ Diagnosing a stroke
✓ Treating ischemic strokes
✓ Treating hemorrhagic strokes

Dear Reader,

When you suffer a stroke, life suddenly shifts. And not just for you. A stroke’s repercussions ripple. A stroke will upend both your life and plans, as well as the lives of those closest to you.

Lower your risk of stroke — with this new risk-free Special Health Report!

In this report, you’ll discover the measures that matter most in preventing a stroke. You’ll be introduced to procedures and advances that are transforming treatment. And you’ll find new and welcome therapies that are solidifying the recovery process.

You can address — and arrest — stroke’s major causes!

Stroke brings you solutions that do not demand sacrifice. You’ll learn about the six major — and controllable — risk factors and why managing your blood pressure may be the most powerful weapon in the prevention arsenal — and the smartest steps to lower yours.

You’ll be introduced to a diet shown to lower a woman’s risk of stroke by 27%. You’ll find how many men can cut their risk of a hemorrhagic stroke in half. You’ll learn about a nondrug alternative to blood thinners...a new medication for high cholesterol...and the mineral you want in your diet now!

You’ll know about advances that halt a stroke’s effects!

In Stroke you’ll be briefed by experts at the forefront of today’s breakthroughs in stroke treatment and diagnosis. You’ll know about emerging procedures to limit damage and restore blood flow. You’ll be briefed on the most useful scan...a less-invasive treatment for an aneurysm...options in antiplatelet therapy...and an innovative clot retrieving device that’s becoming the standard of care.

You’ll learn about the exciting progress in stroke recovery!

Fully two-thirds of people who have had a stroke will benefit from rehabilitation treatment. You’ll explore therapies that sustain pace and progress. You’ll read about a novel “sound” technique for recovering verbal abilities...a new technology that encourages independent movement...an effective method to restore the skills of daily living...ways to ease post-stroke pain...and more.

More than ever we have the tools and ability to reduce the risk of stroke, to respond and access treatment more quickly, and to speed and enhance fuller recovery. For yourself, for your future, for those whom you love, get a copy of the Stroke Special Health Report today.

To your good health,

Howard LeWine
Howard E. LeWine, M.D.


We all fear stroke. You can fight it!